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My family and I live in the middle of the wine country in Northern California.  We have 30 acres with grapes, lots of hiking trails and a swimming pond.  The dogs are very much a part of the family and live in the house with us.  Breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs is a passion and hobby for me.........not a business.  I have made many wonderful friendships through our beloved dogs.  

I have been a member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America since 2003 and a member of our local Berner club, Sierra West Bernese Mountain Dog Club.  

My goal in breeding the Bernese Mountain Dog is easy----breed a healthy, long lived, sweet Bernese Mountain Dog that exemplifies our set AKC breed standard.  I am very committed to improving our breed.  All of my dogs have extensive health clearances done and I work with only the best pedigrees.

I enjoy conformation showing with all of my dogs but I would rather be taking the dogs camping, boating or hiking.  My dogs are dogs first, the perfect show dog is secondary.

Lynette Vann
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